Hip Mobility Playlist

Hip Mobility Playlist

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Hip Mobility Playlist
  • Hip Mobility

    Increase your hip rotation with this workout that combines soft tissue work for the hip muscles and mobility drills.

    Equipment - Lacrosse ball, Mat, Foam roller or Block, Chair

    Hip Mobility
    1. TFL Release 60sec
    2. Hip Rotator Release 60 sec ea.
    3. Glute Med Release 60 sec ea.
    4. FRC Hip Int. R...

  • Hip Mobility #2

    This is a 10 minute sequence that will help you open up your hip rotation, which is a big key to a proper weight shift and proper use of ground forces in your golf swing. Mobile hips will also make sure you aren't compensating and over-using your lower back in the golf swing! Once you've done t...

  • 5 Minute Hip Mobility

    This QUICK hip workout is PERFECT if you're running short on time and you need to just get a bit of movement in your hips. It's not designed to replace the other hip mobility workouts, but it's a great option when you only have a few minutes.

    1. Deep Hip Rotator Release 30-60 sec. ea/side
    2. ...

  • Express Hip Mobility

    If you did not pass the Hip Rotation Test in the Home Mobility Assessment, and don't have 15 minutes to do the hip mobility workout, THIS WORKOUT IS FOR YOU! Either workout should be your bread and butter on a daily basis until you are making significant progress in your hip rotation and are pa...

  • Hip Hinge Mobility

    This workout will improve your ability to hinge from the hips, helping you maintain spine angle and avoid early extension.

    Equipment: Softball, lacrosse ball, chair, mat, foam roller, golf club.

    Hip Hinge Mobility
    1. Hamstring Release
    2. Calf Release
    3. Deep Hip Rotator Release
    4. Glute Bridge