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Express Shoulder Mobility

Rotational Mobility Playlist • 7m 8s

Up Next in Rotational Mobility Playlist

  • Express T- Spine Mobility

    This 7 Minute workout will get your thoracic/T spine moving which is going to help you improve your "shoulder turn", which is really trunk/spine rotation at the mid back. Improving in this area will help you develop a deeper turn and a wider, more powerful swing arc. If you feel like your swing...

  • 5 Minute Hip Mobility

    This QUICK hip workout is PERFECT if you're running short on time and you need to just get a bit of movement in your hips. It's not designed to replace the other hip mobility workouts, but it's a great option when you only have a few minutes.

    1. Deep Hip Rotator Release 30-60 sec. ea/side
    2. ...

  • 5 Minute Shoulder Mobility

    This quick workout is laser focused at getting some soft tissue and mobility work in for those shoulders. If you've only got a few minutes and your shoulders need a little TLC, this is the workout! The Express Shoulder Mobility is only a few more minutes and is more comprehensive, so if you hav...