Shoulder Mobility Playlist

Shoulder Mobility Playlist

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Shoulder Mobility Playlist
  • Shoulder Mobility

    Increase your shoulder rotation with this workout that combines soft tissue work for the shoulder muscles and mobility drills.

    Equipment - Lacrosse Ball, Softball, Mat, Light Mini Band

    Shoulder Mobility
    1. Infraspinatus Release
    2. Subscap Release
    3. Pec Release
    4. Shoulder Clocks
    5. Shoulder F...

  • Shoulder Mobility #2

    This is a 10 minute sequence that will help you with external shoulder rotation, which is critical to improving the plane of your golf swing. If you're struggling with an out to in swing path, making sure your shoulders can physically move your arms the right way is step #1! The physical abilit...

  • 5 Minute Shoulder Mobility

    This quick workout is laser focused at getting some soft tissue and mobility work in for those shoulders. If you've only got a few minutes and your shoulders need a little TLC, this is the workout! The Express Shoulder Mobility is only a few more minutes and is more comprehensive, so if you hav...

  • Express Shoulder Mobility

    This workout is PERFECT for anyone who's needing to improve their shoulder mobility in under 10 minutes. If you struggle with an over the top swing and control of your swing plane, this is the workout for you to hit up on a regular basis! You can even do it every day until you are consistently ...