Speed & Power Training

  • Transfer Training Level 1 - Ground Forces

    This transfer training workout will help you lay a foundation for developing all important Ground Reaction Forces (GRF's) . Here we start to work on horizontal and vertical ground forces which will help your weight shift and vertical forces so you can push into the ground for more speed!

  • Transfer Training Level 1 - Speed Foundations

    This is a great workout to start developing your foundations for increasing clubhead speed. All you need is a resistance band and some space and you can do this in under 30 minutes! You can do this 1-2x per week. Make sure NOT to do this workout 2 days in a row! You can do a strength workout ...

  • Transfer Training Level 1 - Disassociation

    This 15 minute workout is a great way to help you "separate" your lower and upper body for better sequencing, which leads to a more consistent, powerful swing! You can do this 1-3x per week.

    Equipment Needed:
    Strength Band (attached at a high anchor point)

    Superset #1:
    1A. Hip Crossover 2 x 8...

  • Transfer Training Level 2 - Lower Body Speed and Power

    This workout is under 30 minutes and will really hit your lower body and help you develop the speed and power needed to create strong ground forces, which critical to increase your club head speed. This workout can be done 1-2x per week.

    1. Glute Bridges 8x
    2. Clamshell Bridge 8x
    3. M...