T-Spine Mobility Playlist

T-Spine Mobility Playlist

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T-Spine Mobility Playlist
  • Express T- Spine Mobility

    This 7 Minute workout will get your thoracic/T spine moving which is going to help you improve your "shoulder turn", which is really trunk/spine rotation at the mid back. Improving in this area will help you develop a deeper turn and a wider, more powerful swing arc. If you feel like your swing...

  • T-Spine Mobility

    Increase your T-Spine rotation with this workout that combines soft tissue work for the mid-back and mobility drills.

    Equipment - Foam Roller, Mat, Chair, Golf Clubs to Test Mobility

    T-Spine Mobility
    1. T-Spine Release Foam Roller
    2. T-Spine Extensions Foam Roller
    3. Lat Release Foam Roller
    4. ...